If you have read my book Source Code Meditation: Hacking Evolution Through Higher Brain Activation, you are familiar with the introduction. I chronicled my experience of a tour guide bringing me to a Mexican mountain town to liberate a struggling local woman (Nilsa) from the tyrannical grip of her lower brain. She was suffering greatly. She expected nothing, I promised nothing.

One Higher Brain Living® session (the work that Source Code Meditation was derived from) was delivered and she awakened the slumbering potential in evolution’s crown of creation, her Higher Brain. With my assistance she accessed latent inner technology in her body and higher capacities of her brain. She shed her false identity, purged decades of fear and depression and found out who she really was. Being. Consciousness. Bliss.

Update: Back to the Mountains in Mexico

A year later, long after that introduction of my book was written, I was taken to see Nilsa again. With the same tour guide, another member of that original group, and my wife Laura, we trekked to that same mountain town to pay her a surprise visit…

Watch the video below if you want to believe that salvation is possible. Nilsa describes in her own words how prior to our (first) meeting, she had no will to live. But since that one session a year ago she is happy, sees beauty all around her in nature, and her ‘spirit is young again’.  She describes a state of transcendence during the session and the experience of a wave of energy moving through her as all “negativity left her body” and “like a flower her life bloomed”.

Nilsa states that she wants to share ‘this secret’ with the world…and so do I.