Meet the

Learn about the amazing r{evolutionaries} who are behind our transformational programs and will be leading your retreats and workshops.

Dr. Michael Cotton

Founder of Source Code Meditation, Integral Metatheorist

Dr. Michael Cotton is a leading theorist in the evolution of consciousness, culture, and the brain. As the director of The NEW HUMAN University™ and creator of the Higher Brain Living® technique, he has more than 30 years’ experience in personal and cultural transformation. Michael is now introducing, for the first time, Source Code Meditation™ and the 9 Summits of Transformation™. He holds a doctorate in Chiropractic. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Steven Giron

Lead Trainer, One-Day Workshop Leader, Retreat Facilitator

Steven Giron trains Facilitators of Source Code Meditation, instructs classes at The New Human University, leads SCM One-Day Workshop Meditation Intensives, and is part of Dr. Cotton’s elite team of Facilitators at weekend and International SCM Retreats. Before joining the corporate Team in Chicago, IL., Steve created a successful, 6-figure Higher Brain Living practice in New York City, one of the largest HBL practices in the world, second only to Dr. Cotton’s practices. Before facilitating and training SCM, Steve earned his Ph.D. in experimental elementary-particle physics, served as a Science Advisor in high-level, IP litigation cases for a decade, and completed the core curriculum for a Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. His practical knowledge of quantum physics makes him uniquely qualified to teach Applied Metaphysics and Applied Post-Metaphysics within The New Human University.

Laura Cotton

Director of Retreats, Retreat Facilitator

Laura Cotton is a Certified Source Code Meditation™ Facilitator with over a decade worth of experience in the technique. Laura is the Director of Retreat Experience for SCM and a Board Member of the New Human Research and Development Institute. She is also certified through Yoga Alliance and has been teaching yoga for the past 10 years. She has led large corporate events, taught internationally at retreats, and was a brand ambassador for lululemon for 4 years.

Alison Ooms

Director of Research

Alison Ooms is licensed and trained in neurofeedback and Quantitative Electro Encephlagraph (QEEG) technologist.   Alison began conducting QEEG research on Source Code Meditation™ in 2012. She has 20 years’ experience as a Clinical Psychologist. She is currently a candidate for her PhD in Applied Psychophysiology. Alison combines extensive knowledge of holistic and clinical healing modalities, brain functioning and higher consciousness states. Alison resides in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, two children, dog and goldfish