Students of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory will recognize Dr. Michael Cotton’s evolutionary analysis of human and cultural development as well as his critique of post-modernity or the so-called “mean green meme.”

As the culture wars continue to rage and complexity continues to increase at a break neck speed, gaining clarity and perspective will only become more crucial as will the need for more and more people to wake up, grow up, clean up and show up.

Finally, Michael expounds upon the necessity for more and more people to take the momentous leap into the the next epoch of human development …


…a stage of development that takes up the Integral cause of consciously reclaiming the spiral of development as well as wake up/grow up/clean up/show up, and unites it with a cutting edge inner technology which mobilizes latent potential in the human physiology and increases metabolism in the most evolved part of the human brain – the prefrontal cortex.