This is the second (of three) installments in the “Enlightenment States” journal entries.

The next shift in self-identify moves from an exclusive relationship with your personal Soul to a higher identify with your Transcendent Self. The Transcendent Self is known as the eternal, immortal witness to all that arises. The recognition of your Transcendent Self as an absolute freedom from death, decay and destruction is experienced. The Transcendent Self provides access to pure peace – free of time, space and conditioned reality.

Your Transcendent Self is eternal; it wasn’t born and therefore cannot die. The realization that you are timeless, in fact immortal, changes everything. Awakening to the Transcendent Self is the ultimate in freedom; it’s the knowing of a spaciousness that dwells within you where you will always be free and at peace regardless of circumstances or events in your earthly existence. This knowing is nothing short of absolute liberation from death.

A pure primal consciousness exists deep within you, has been here all along and will continue to exist forever. It is the awareness behind the form. It is the stillness deep in our being that the entire world arises out of. It is the infinite field of consciousness that everything, including our bodies and minds, are arising within.

Ultimate consciousness is not infinite in the sense that it goes on forever in time, as is the relationship with time to the soul. The Transcendent Self never even enters the stream of time. Pure awareness is at the core of your being and your Transcendent Self and is prior to time, before time and outside of time. It is an infinite field of consciousness—who you are when you are stripped free of all your stories.

The way in which we have been taught to distinguish ‘self ’ from ‘other’, is that ‘other’ can be witnessed as something or someone outside of ourselves. You can at this very moment witness the clouds in the sky, therefore you are not the clouds; you can witness the people around you, therefore you are not those people; and, you can witness your body right now, therefore you are not your body. The Witness cannot be the “thing” witnessed. Since you can witness your thoughts, you are not your mind.

So who is this witness? What do you really mean every time you say, “I AM” and before you say anything else? When you say “I AM”, to what are you referring? “I” is generally associated with your mind and your thoughts about who you are.

For instance, “I” am a mother, a father, I am a spiritual seeker, I am a victim, a teacher, doctor, an artist or I am unemployed. However, that “I” in you is none of those things. That “I” is a subject, those ‘things’ that follow it are objects.

If your “I” is contemplated and followed to its ultimate source, something amazing is revealed. This “I” that you refer to is not your body and it is not your mind and it is not your soul. Your “I”, right now, at this very moment, can witness your body—it can also witness your mind and it can witness your soul. Your pure “I” is pure consciousness: the formless dimension.

Your “I” therefore is the ultimate witness and your “AM” is the experience of being or existence inherent in your witnessing “I”. The witness dwells within you as your “I AM”. Your pure eternal “I AM” (pure consciousness, pure being) is pure spirit by any other name. No matter the circumstances of the moment, “I AM” carries through—through all times, dates, experiences—because “I AM” is not of this world of time, dates and experiences. Pure consciousness and being is transcendent and yet forms the core of your being.

Remember, your Soul as self-identify is a state of eternal consciousness, connected to your personality, in relationship to your body and existing within the stream of time. Your Transcended Self is the great unborn, undying, infinite, impersonal consciousness. It is THE consciousness—the consciousness that existed before the universe was born and now shines through you.

We spend most of our lives clinging to the past, whether through pleasant memories we long for, or unpleasant memories that keep us feeling like a victim. We also project our lives into the future. “Tomorrow I am going to do this”, “I can’t wait for my vacation next month”, “I am anxious about this job that I need to get done”, etc. From the view of the Transcendent Self, both past and future are illusions, so why cling to them? The past is a memory, the future only an expectation. There is no reality for the past and the future except what exists at this very moment. The past and the future right ‘now’ are arising in your Transcendent Self. This ‘now’ that I refer to is not a moment that passes in time. It is The Witness to all those present moments that pass in time. The eternal ‘now’—your “I AM”—is prior to time. It is the empty space, your original face that all space and time appear within.

The pure consciousness of your Transcendent Self permeates every moment of your existence and is so obvious you don’t notice. Just like fish don’t notice they are in water. All the things you think you are—father, sister, artist, musician, realtor, etc.—are fundamentally who you are not! And failure to recognize this will forever create suffering through the exclusive identification with that which is temporary instead of that which is eternal within you.

Science tells us that prior to the Big Bang, no space or time or objects existed. What was there? “I AM” was there, ever-present—that same feeling of consciousness and being-ness that you feel right now. “I AM” is your sanctuary. “I AM” is sacred. “I AM” is unshakable. The Transcendent State of pure “I AM” knows only peace and freedom. From Christ to Krishna to Lao Tzu to the Buddha, this connection with pure spirit was experiential; through SCM and the 9 Summits we wish to also cultivate this relationship to that which is fully liberated within us.

The Physiology of your Transcendent Self
Subtle energy pathways in the body become more refined and efficient at carrying energy to the brain. There is an increase in metabolism of higher centers of the brain with high beta and gamma waves in the left prefrontal cortex and increased coherence spreading across the brain.

The Energy of your Transcendent Self
Causal/unitary energy: The Transcendent Self state of self-identity is supported by the causal/unitary energy body. The Transcendent State and the Unitary State share the causal/unitary body of energy. These states in fact are very closely linked as the Transcendent Self integrates with all of manifestation in the Unitary State. This energy field’s sphere around the human body may be infinite and may explain the apparent propagation of information that is not believed to be carried by electromagnetic forces. Such as, university studies showing that a change in one person’s brain waves can have changes on another person’s brain waves without any known physical contact between them.

The third and final installment of the “Enlightenment States” journal entries will be next week and will introduce the “Unitary Awakening”.