Research has shown that the modern human experience is largely dominated by primitive lower brain mechanisms. Lower brain dominance has a complex of associated lower level representations in the four primary dimensions of one’s life. These four dimensions are Mind, Body, Relationships and Environment and were first articulated as the irreducible perspectives of any human. These four dimensions impact each other multi-directionally. In other words, all the lower brain representations in mind, body, relationships or environment can act as triggers to engage/energize the lower brain even further.

Within the lower brain, resonating four-dimension-specific triggers such as alcohol, the thought that “I am overwhelmed”, negative environments, friends that don’t support us, credit card collectors calling, patterns of hollow sexual relationships, family dynamics that show up, old friends, recurring thoughts, money issues, etc., all act to further engage or re-engage the lower brain.

It is not just the lower brain that arrests your growth, but the complex of triggers in all 4 dimensions sustained by lower brain physiology. Just changing the brain is not enough because the triggers are part of the complex and need to be energetically disconnected from your lower brain. Since all sentient beings have all 4 dimensions that arise together, when the lower brain is dominant, the lower level 4D reality arises with it. This creates reiterating negative feedback loops through the 4Ds that becomes self-reinforcing: each dimension sustains the others, all further energizing the lower brain as the physiology that holds it all together.

The 4D representations need deconstructing, as happens in Summit 7 of the 9 Summits Of Transformation, and then a new map of your Higher Brain’s potential is constructed in Summit 8. Shifting into Higher Brain states is the beginning, not the end. The Higher Brain states must be brought to bear on all of life, and that is exactly what happens through the 9 Summits of Transformation.

This is why the complete and holistic nature of the journey through the 9 Summits is important. Just shifting into a Higher Brain state is not enough—you must disrupt the entire four dimensional complex and follow that with the creation of Higher Brain representations in mind, body, relationships and environment. Learning how to navigate your four dimensions from Higher Brain physiology becomes an exhilarating experience as you create a compelling future.

To create a more detailed understanding of the interplay of all four dimensions of life, we will use the example of someone dealing with a health challenge. In this example we will introduce the lower two dimensions (Relationships/Culture and Environment/Systems). Keep in mind that SCM is about so much more than simply healing and that this 4D approach must be applied even if we are already “healed” but still wish to grow, evolve or transform in any way.

Consider the following facts: research demonstrates that a good predictor of chronic disabling back or neck pain in a man is job dissatisfaction and financial concerns. This may seem counter-intuitive as both job dissatisfaction and financial concerns are located in the “Environment” dimension, not in the area where the problems become manifest (the “Body” dimension). The symptoms show up in the physical body as pain although the primary “hot spot” is not in the “Body” dimension as one might presume. Therefore treating or fixing the body will not lead to resolution and certainly not evolution.

For a woman, a good predictor of chronic disabling back or neck pain is relationship problems (lower left dimension). Therefore, treating or fixing the body will not lead to resolution and certainly not evolution, as the primary causative agent (relationship) has been left unresolved. That is, the primary problem is actually located in the “Relationship” dimension even though the apparent problem shows up again as symptoms in the “Body” dimension.

What was always thought to be the primary problem of chronic disabling neck and back pain in both men and women were certain types of bad parts in the body, i.e., disc herniation or bulges, arthritis, etc. However, now we know that those ‘bad parts’, according to the research, have very low predictability as to whether or how you will develop chronic pain and disability. In fact, not only was there more to the story than the bad part, but it wasn’t even primary. These other dimensions were actually more important to the development of physical problems than the bad parts in the body were. You simply cannot predict, based on any single dimension, what the primary problem is.

Here is a simple example of how all four dimensions play out in life:

Take for instance a woman that we will call Renee. Renee suffers from chronic migraine headaches and she therefore pursues ‘treatment’ to fix it. A typical approach would be to treat her migraines with drugs, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, or herbs, depending upon the professional she chose to help her. But is any of this really helping her if the primary problem is not actually her aching head?

Here again I want to reiterate that SCM and The 9 Summits are designed for life transformation in all dimensions, but this ‘healing’ example makes a point as to the interplay of all four dimensions. So let’s say Renee decides to pursue the SCM and The 9 Summits of Transformation path, learns to awaken her brain/mind and progresses through the 9 Summits of Transformation. Using specific 9 Summit techniques she clearly identifies the status of all four dimensions of her life. She reveals, through a guided process, that in her “Body” dimension she has tight muscles. In her “Mind” dimension she has low self-esteem and negative thoughts. In her “Relationship” dimension she has a bad marriage and a verbally abusive husband. In her “Environment” dimension she works at a dead-end job that she resents.

All four dimensions of her life flow into one another. Critical thoughts (Mind) cause tight muscles and constricted blood vessels (Body), while demeaning relationships (Relationships) cause negative thoughts (Mind), which cause poor job performance (Environment) and a decreased likelihood of promotion, etc. All four dimensions are implicit to her life and must be liberated together. Treating only her body would be a disaster for Renee, as it would not address the underlying issues causing her symptoms.

The pain in her body is a wake-up call to pay attention and make changes. Often change is needed in an area (dimension) that does not appear to be the most symptomatic. SCM and the 9 Summits of Transformation do not require that you identify a ‘primary’ cause for anything—it just requires that you have awareness to the state of all four of your dimensions and provides you with the tools to use your Higher Brain/mind state to bring about positive change in all dimensions of your life. When this happens, not only does healing occur, but also bound-up life energy is freed from stuck dimensions and can drive your growth and evolution towards self-actualization and self- transcendence.

Since SCM is about growth and transformation we would not seek to give Renee her old life back, for her old life is how she got to where she currently is, it is how she ended up with migraine headaches to begin with. We want to help her use her symptoms as a sign that change is needed and facilitate her transformation in all four dimensions so she can create her new life.

Another example of how this 4D approach plays out in the healing process was elucidated recently in a peer-reviewed article titled “Integral Skepticism in Medicine.”

It has long been known that the Japanese, while living in Japan, have low rates of heart disease, but upon migrating to the United States they develop the same high rates of heart disease as Americans. It was presumed that the increase in heart disease was related to the high saturated fat and decrease in fresh vegetables and seafood, typical of the American diet. However, upon closer examination, it was determined that the greatest cause of the increase in heart disease was due to the decrease in cultural connections. Their “relationships” eroded and created symptoms in the “Body” dimension.

Now let’s take this a step further; we all know that good nutrition nurtures us. But do we know that a hallmark of stress physiology produced by the lower brain adversely affects our digestion. Since blood flow and energy is directed away from the digestive system, so that the lower brain can use that blood and energy to promote survival behaviors, the digestive system is severely compromised. So what happens to our organic foods and high-priced/high-quality supplements? Since the digestive system is compromised, the ability to assimilate the nutritional benefits of high quality foods and supplements is also compromised. If we consider our lives in four dimensions, perhaps the lower brain stress response is accentuated due to the constant sense of hopelessness we feel in the upper left dimension, and perhaps this hopelessness is related to the dead-end job we feel stuck in, in the lower right dimension.

In this scenario, simply improving the quality of our food and supplements may not have much impact until we change the dead-end job, which upgrades the quality of our thoughts, which down-regulates the stress being produced by the lower brain in the upper right dimension.

Growth in any dimension can be slowed or completely stopped by an imbalance (conscious or unconscious) in any other dimension. As you progress through the 9 Summits you will liberate all four dimensions so your continued growth and evolution is not sabotaged by an imbalance hiding in any of your four dimensions.

Due to the evolutionary conundrum of the human brain and its lower survival-based grip, it plays a key role in the state of all your life dimensions. All four dimensions are irreducible but not all techniques are equivalent on their impact in any particular dimension. The large magnitude of power shifting from lower brain to Higher Brain in the upper right dimensions creates the ‘space’ for dramatic life changes.

SCM leverages your Higher Brain awakenings to increase awareness to all four dimensions of your life and locate the precise ways so that more growth can occur in those four dimensions.

Does the lower brain have its grip on your life?

Do any of these areas hold you back: your career, relationships, environment, thoughts, behaviors, self-confidence, health, energy levels? If so, these stuck areas must change if you are to free up the energy needed for your growth and evolution towards higher consciousness. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “When you’re starving God can only appear to you as bread.” Gandhi understood that it was very difficult to be spiritually realized if you couldn’t put food on your table. What Gandhi aptly saw was that you have to rise up and fulfill basic survival needs before you can be spiritually fulfilled. During times of starvation all of our energy resources go to the part of our brain designed for survival first and foremost…not finding God.

Through most of humanity’s two million years on planet earth we have routinely faced starvation and predators, and the lower brain has locked in and habituated automatic unconscious survival strategies, no matter what the environment. However, these unconscious lower brain strategies are currently playing out in the lives of us moderns in new ways. Most of us are not literally starving (at least probably not those reading this book), but we are ‘starving’ in other areas of our life. Ironically the mismatch between the lower brain survival strategies and the demands and complexity of the modern world is what is creating this starvation in other areas of life.

For many of us moderns we have conquered the first level basic human needs (freedom from predators, ample food, available shelter, etc.) that the lower brain’s perceptions and behaviors were required for. It seems, however, that conquering these very basic human needs did NOT coincide with an equivalent reduction in lower brain unconscious dominance, probably because it has been locked in for so long in an hostile environment.

In other words, the modern world has changed dramatically and so has the human brain (evolution of the new brain structures) but the old lower brain has not loosened its grip enough for the new Higher Brain to create radically new perceptions and behaviors. Instead, the lower primitive brain continues its influence in all areas of modern life, leading to unfulfilled relationships, careers, inner experience, health, finances, etc. This creates self-referential feedback loops between our lower brain and the lower brain-created areas of our life, both reinforcing one another. We must now break the cycle and destabilize the feedback loop between the lower brain and the unfulfilled areas of our life.

I am insisting that we must free up the energy (habituated by the lower primitive stress brain) in the major areas of our lives if we hope to evolve and lead a deeply spiritual, fully awakened and meaningful life. If we don’t free up these areas of our lives we won’t have the energy resources available to create a ‘fiercely authentic life’ and we won’t become the solution to the changes we wish to see in the world.

The really exciting part of the process is that as you are developing the ability to turn on your Higher Brain through SCM, like flipping the switch on a turbo charger, you can transform anything in any dimension of your life.

Can you imagine how powerful it would be for your healing, well-being or growth, if you were to increase your awareness to know how all these four dimensions were playing out in your life? And imagine if your 4D imbalances were brought out of the shadows and you had the resources immediately available to create rapid change in those imbalances? Through SCM and the 9 Summits of Transformation…that’s exactly what you will do.

The whole of these four dimensions of your life is greater than the sum of their parts. When you turn on the Higher Brain and engage all four dimensions, your life transformations are out of proportion to the amount of time and energy invested. This is Quantum change! The fastest way to a new life is to turn on the Higher Brain and address all four dimensions.