At the beginning of the 21st century the sociologist Paul H. Ray and psychologist Sherry Ruth Anderson, identified a group of people that they coined ‘cultural creatives’. Today these cultural creatives are over 80 million strong in the USA and many times that number worldwide. If you are reading this article, there is a strong probability that you are one of them and identify with the values and worldview of this group. The cultural creatives make up a large portion of what we are calling the 5th Epoch of consciousness and culture and are the likely candidates to make the leap up and create the next Epoch.

Who Are We?

According to Ray, Core Cultural Creatives have both person-centered and green values, are seriously concerned with psychology, self-actualization and self-expression, and like the foreign and exotic. They enjoy mastering new ideas and are socially concerned, advocate women’s issues and are strong advocates of ecological sustainability. Green Cultural Creatives have values centered on the environment and social concerns from a secular view, with average interest in spirituality, psychology or person-centered values.

In addition to having an eco-centric (ECOcentric, as in care for all sentient beings, not EGOcentric) perspective and inclusive value system, if you are amongst this group (particularly the core cultural creatives) you are also likely either a practitioner of or recipient of alternative medicine, yoga, meditation, new thought or some type of self-help technique or non-denominational spiritual practice. And after years of pursuing these approaches, I will bet that you are frustrated, because your life is not like you thought it would be. Something is still missing. Many victories have been won by the cultural creatives: equal rights, awareness to environmental issues, honoring of other cultures, etc… But something else has happened…the movement has now gone flat. There is no consistent vehicle or effective leadership to carry this movement forward. How can we take the inclusive values of this group (our group) and provide the ‘activation energy’ needed to overcome our inertia? How can we fully align these beautiful values with the evolutionary impulse – the universal principle that has been called “spirit in action” – that drive to create and change and emerge in an upward vertical direction?

How can we simultaneously preserve equality, the environment and at the same time promote growth? How can we honor past traditions but never compromise our need to evolve and go beyond? Let us reach back down and pull up into our being the building blocks of earlier Life Altitudes and take a solid foundation forward as we emerge into the radical awakening of Epoch 6. I believe SCM and the 9 Summits of Transformation are a way forward.

I believe we can change, and I believe that ultimately what’s best for the world in the long run is also what’s best for us (our highest selves) as individuals in the short run. We need to align ourselves with our compelling future. That future is at least in part already available within your slumbering Higher Brain. The path to a new world need not be perilous and overwhelming, but instead can be rewarding and joy-filled. It simply requires that we live from our greatest potential. There is a way.

The pursuit of our own self-actualization must be prioritized and to do so we must engage our Higher Brain and Higher Heart. This is how we find meaning. This pursuit of authentic joy by all of us at the leading edge can be the catalyst for widespread social change. Yes, global crisis is a real possibility but so is seismic positive global transformation. We must wake up now, find our essence and commit to a life of excellence. Doing our unique part and giving our special personal gifts creates a life on purpose. Enough lives lived from higher capacities – showing up on purpose – leads to new cultures and large-scale change.

Source Code Meditation and the 9 Summits of Transformation help us discover our essence, our Highest Self, as an evolving unitary being – and helps clarify what our purpose in this body, at this time on this planet, actually is. When we are in alignment with our highest potential (and the Higher Brain/Higher Heart is leading the way) we are fulfilled and live a Fearlessly Authentic and Enlightened Life. In this higher way of living and being, what’s best for the personal you, is in perfect alignment with what’s best for everyone else in the world.

Making the Leap

According to renowned philosopher Paul Tillich, the leading-edge group that created the momentum to sweep across many cultures and thrust humanity out of the dark ages and into the Renaissance was comprised of only 1,000 people. I believe that the cultural creatives are ready to make the leap and become creators of the next epoch. Are you one of them? To facilitate this leap, I have created Source Code Meditation,breakthrough technique that is able to supercharge your ability to self-mobilize energy to your Higher Brain.

Do you want to be one of the next 1,000 people to change the world? Right now, we are laying the foundations for Renaissance 2.0. A new movement is being birthed through the brain-first revolution, Source Code Meditation. Will you join us? Could this be your destiny? Source Code Meditation and the 9 Summits of Transformation will change your life and include you in a new community, ushering in a new stage of human evolution.